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Lighting technologies

By taming fire 400 000 years ago, man was equipped for the first time with a means allowing him at once to have fire heating and to use fire lighting.

Since, tremendous technical progress was made, including lighting, from the first electric incandescence bulbs invented by Edison until the last decades development : the Light-emitting diodes ( LED).

The development of lighting systems requires to study the problems of conversion of the electrical energy consumed in bright energy, by minimizing the heat production. Besides, the life expectancy of light source must be also optimized..

We suggest you to discover more details concerning the following three technologies of lighting:

The main technologies are below :

Lighting type
Lumens / Watt
Life cycle
Light bulbs
Until 15 lm/W Aroud 1 000 hours Pleasant,
Warm light
Bad return
Halogene lamps Until 25 lm/W Aroud 4 000 hours Powerful lighting, with
high functioning
Compact fluorescent light bulb
Until 70 lm/W Around 10 000 hours Long light power increase
LED, light-emitting diode Until 150 lm/W Around 100 000 hours Very long life cycle
High bright return