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Boxer 850 Headlamp

Boxer 850 Headlamp

Boxer 850 Headlamp Boxer 850 Headlamp

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A lamp with a long distance lighting, endowed with 5 functions:

  • Power mode: Power LED alone, for a long distance lighting,
  • Medium mode: Power LED at 50% and 5mm LED at 100% for an harmonious nearness lighting,
  • Eco mode: 2 5mm LED alone , to allow movements in excellent conditions of visibility,
  • Booster mode, during 2 minutes, for a maximal vision on a long distance,
  • The battery gauge allows to estimate the remaining capacity of batteries.

Boxer 850 presents also the following features:

  • Multi-purpose wearing: as a frontal torch on the forehead or on a helmet (with hooks), clipped onto a helmet or a pocket or a belt, placed on a flat surface...
  • Switch-on safety device.

75 lumens in Booster,
45 lumens in Power mode.
Lighting distance: up to 100 m in Booster, 60 m in Power mode.
Lit up surface: 60 m² in Medium.
Vertically adjustable beam up to 180°. Anti-reflection for glasses-wearers.
Autonomy: up to 160 hours ; 20 hours in power mode, then turns to "safety" mode (2 5mm LED 5mm alone).

Weather resistant (rain, snow...). Resistant to dust or hydrocarbon splash.
IP 54.

Lighting source: 1 OSRAM Power LED, 2 Nichia 5 mm LED.
Energy source: 3 LR03 / AAA (4,5V) alkalines batteries supplied.
Works with rechargeable batteries.
Weight: 96 grams, including batteries.
Battery gauge to estimate the remaining battery capacity.

ACCESSORIES (optional)
Set of 4 head lamp helmet attachment hooks (Ref.CROBASE).
Bracket for fixing on helmet (Ref.CLICAS).
Military camouflage elastic band.

Product tested individually and guaranteed for 3 years.

Made in France

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